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Entering Data so Seniors Can Have Fresh Fruit & Veggies!

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Each year, Food For All distributes packs of ten checks, each for four dollars, to thousands of low-income seniors living in the Spokane region so that they can gain access to and afford more produce at farmers markets, support the local economy, and lead healthier lives as a result. In order to correctly distribute these benefits to qualifying seniors, Food For All requires volunteers to help the effort by recording data, addressing and stuffing envelopes, and following up with applicants. The work does not require a background in data entry and is really pretty simple in the end, but it still allows over a thousand seniors to gain greater access to healthy food that allows them to lead healthier, more fulfilling, and more productive lives.
Volunteers for this event would only need to give an hour or two of their time at a time and would most likely be working and interacting with other volunteers while recording data together. We need volunteers for this opportunity during the weekdays between the dates of April 17th through the 2nd of June. We prefer volunteers work with us on this during normal business hours between 9am and 5:30pm, but this opportunity allows for a lot of flexibility on the part of the volunteer and is a good opportunity for people with busy schedules. For more information or to sign up, email Connor Beck at with a brief description of your availability.